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Timeless tools for your journey.

AJOTO combine the precision of advanced manufacture with the soul of craft, to offer sleek stylish pens for design lovers and modern travellers.

“We love heritage and craft but we’re also obsessed with state-of-the-art technology. The vision for AJOTO was to bring these two worlds together and develop a range of timeless, practical and functional everyday items that were beautifully designed and made to last. Our ethos is the result of being fed up with the disposable nature of consuming, the questionable ethics around production and the short obsolescence of products that can’t be fixed or repaired. When we began AJOTO we knew we couldn’t force the world to change, but thought we could do our bit and try to inspire others through our actions.”

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Ancoats, Manchester
4th floor, 113 Pollard St, Manchester M4 7JA
+44 (0)161 273 1905