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Anna-Lisa Smith

Simple, striking contemporary textiles for the home.

Based from her studio in West Yorkshire, Anna-Lisa Smith designs simple, striking contemporary textiles for the home. All pieces are woven in local mills using the finest quality Lambswool and are hand finished in the studio. Designed for longevity, they are not fashion items but timeless objects, designed to be treasured and to bring joy every day.

We are a small Yorkshire based design studio specialising in contemporary woven textiles for the home. We work with local weaving mills and finishers to create beautiful cloth from the highest quality wool. We keep it small and simple with the emphasis on quality and honest production All our cloth in woven in small batches which is then cut and hand edged in the studio. Everything we do is small scale and sustainable and we create products designed to last for a lifetime and to be passed to future generations. Our pieces are contemporary but classic, designed with longevity in mind and are woven on a Jaquard loom to produce our signatory reversible look.

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West Yorkshire