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Ara the altar

Beautiful, unique objects for earth-aware individuals.

Ara the altar offers earth-aware adornment for the everyday. With a circular economy in mind, founder Lauren King designs for longevity not trend, with minimal waste in mind, using only 100% recycled solid gold and silver, including all findings and chains.

My commitment to ethics and sustainability does not stop at the use of recycled precious metal or packaging materials; careful considerations are made at every step of the design and production processes, and thereafter to manage the entire journey of an Ara the altar piece.

Ara the altar is founded on four core pillars: I) Respect for the earth & those who inhabit it II) Slow and circular approach to design, production & consumption III) Design for longevity not trend IV) Genuine assurances about where & how Ara pieces are made I make every piece of adornment to order in my workshop here in Stockport, using electricity powered by renewable energy and recycling or composting materials that can be repurposed or returned to the earth.

To complete its journey, every piece of adornment is accompanied by a European hemp pocket – a keepsake designed in house and ethically made here in the UK which I naturally dye by hand, using botanical or food waste dye. Every order is accompanies by a handwritten note using natural, vegan ink.

The brand itself draws inspiration from the ancient world’s relationship with astronomy and nature: Ara is a southern polar constellation, translating from Latin as ‘the altar’. Ara was depicted in early illustrations as an altar with burning incense, rising smoke or sacrificial offerings. My interpretation of this translated into the responsible sourcing, creating & offering of beautiful, unique objects upon a conceptual altar. Ara the altar also offers a small curation of objects for low impact living, made responsibly here in the UK by like-minded brands, including rapeseed wax candles from Essence + Alchemy, and European hemp drawstring bags made specially for Ara.

5% of all Ara adornment orders are donated to Land is Life; an indigenous-led, international coalition working to advance the self-determination and collective rights of Indigenous peoples.

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Stockport, Greater Manchester