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Ara the altar

Beautiful, unique objects for earth-aware individuals.

The concept of Ara the altar was inspired by the Ancient World’s perception of astronomy; Ara is a southern polar constellation which, in Latin, means ‘The altar’. Ara was depicted in early illustrations as an altar with burning incense, rising smoke, or sacrificial offerings. Designer & Creator, Lauren’s interpretation of this translated into the sourcing, creating and offering of beautiful, unique objects for earth-aware individuals.

Embracing the slow fashion movement, every piece is made to order by Lauren in her workshop in Manchester, using only 100% recycled solid silver & gold. With ethics and sustainability influencing every decision, careful considerations are made at every step of the production process, and thereafter, to mindfully manage the entire journey of every Ara the altar piece.

To complement her earth-aware adornment collection, Lauren has recently expanded her offering online to include House of Ara; a small curation of objects for low impact living, all made responsibly in the UK.

3 October will see the release of a mini collection – Objects of Ritual; three protective amulets, miniature sculptures to adorn the body. The pear pendant, the vessel pendant, and the braided grass ring. The originals were sculpted by hand before being cast in recycled 925 sterling silver.

I’m also partnering with Mosaik Educatuon who help refugees reach university by delivering guidance workshops, English language lessons and peer-to-peer support. Between 25 November and 25 December 10% of all Molten Ring sales will be donated to Mosaik. The Molten Ring is made utilising scrap from the Ara workbench, and heating until melting point, each time resulting in a unique, organic form.

Earlier this year I launched House of Ara, a curation of objects for low impact living, made responsibly by likeminded brands here in the UK. I’m excited to welcome Me and My Bloomers to the handful of carefully chosen brands, with their lavender filled naturally dyed linen scrunchies. I’m also excited to welcome some more seasonal candle, oil and incense offerings from Essence + Alchemy.

This season also sees the introduction of an update to the bags that accompany all Ara adornment, still GOTS certified organic cotton & linen woven in Lancashire, now naturally hand dyed by me and ethically sewn here in the UK into an updated version of Ara’s own design as a purposeful keepsake.

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