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A new age of lifestyle care products.

Attirecare is a Manchester-based brand offering responsibly-made care products for all aspects of your lifestyle, all under one roof. From shoe and garment care to household cleaning supplies and even an organic shampoo for dogs! Attirecare’s wide range of handmade, organic ingredient products are formulated without harsh chemicals to ensure they are environmentally friendly, ethically made, biodegradable.

We create products that don’t only look great on your shelf but are also kind to our planet! We’ve developed all of our own signature scents (Aureum^, Prima^, and Cepano^) using natural essential oils that feature relevant properties for each products’ designated use. All of our product range is made to order to ensure batch codes are up to date and consumers can make the most of our products. We also feel that having an agile production model in today’s climate is crucial for survival. Working this way has helped our growth and maintain strong relationships with key retailers! 

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