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Blendsmiths Drinkmakers

Gluten, dairy and caffeine-free luxurious vegan drinks.

Blendsmiths carefully source natures’ finest ingredients from farms around the world – many grown right here in the British countryside – which are then blended into luxurious, vegan based drinks. Their blends have many advantageous health and medicinal benefits, but they always blend with the emphasis of flavour in mind. Their entire range is gluten, dairy and caffeine free.

Our mission is to create deliciously tasty products that put a smile on people’s faces, igniting new conversations and connecting communities together through flavour, colour and intrigue. One thing is for sure, nutrition is the platform for a better way of living. Everything that goes into a Blendsmiths product is 100% natural, this we won’t compromise on. We also care about people, and the great planet we live on – valuing these fundamentals allows us to choose wisely who and where we source supplies from and how to sustainably carry out our day to day activities.

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