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Elegant contemporary garments for everyday wear.

boniface clothing is a collection of contemporary womenswear designed and made by Georgia Boniface from her studio in West Yorkshire UK. The collection prioritises high quality fabrics and structural simplicity to create elegant contemporary garments.

Block coloured linens are the foundation for the collection which are complemented by limited edition textured or patterned fabrics to complete the range. Signature styles remain constant as staple pieces within the collection, while additional colours, seasonal designs and fabrics will be introduced in shorter runs over the year.

This season is dominated by crisp linen dresses, jumpsuits and separates in vivid reds, pale pinks, cobalt blues, sulphur yellows and signature black. Designed with sustainability as a priority, the clothes are cut to give a flattering and elegant silhouette without embellishment except for functional pockets and ties. The collection is made from natural fibres almost exclusively and particularly linen wherever possible for its versatility, sustainability and very low environmental impact.

More recent designs see the use of local Huddersfield fine woven wools in celebration of our local heritage, to showcase and preserve this amazing tradition and to use valuable local resources. These woven wool fabrics have similar qualities to the linen keeping you warm in winter and cool in the heat. Limited edition fabrics are sourced from local mills in Yorkshire and Lancashire, or have been exclusively designed for the collection keeping it vibrant and exclusive.

“These are contemporary pieces, and yet with an utterly timeless and borderless sophistication and appeal.” Stephanie Smith Yorkshire Post

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West Yorkshire