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Emily Georgina Jones

An unfolding collection of jewellery crafted by hand using traditional silversmithing techniques.

Emily Georgina Jones creates jewellery designs crafted using traditional silversmithing techniques in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Each piece is a stand alone design, sometimes retaining unique and varied imperfections made during the crafting process – a visible trace of the gestures and hand movements made while forging each piece.

All pieces are exclusively made to order, or ready-made as a collection as one off pieces. This way of working eliminates material waste, and an excessive inventory of stock, by making pieces one at a time an exceptional quality can be ensured. Her raw materials are ethically sourced; silver is recycled from scrap or authenticated as ‘eco’ silver. Natural materials such as shell and wool are collected from the surrounding landscape.

Emily uses her jewellery as a form of documentation, often creating self portraits with the work – this acts as a further layer to explore the pieces as objects of art. Jewellery is intended to be held close, lived with and have a personal connection to the wearer. By sitting with the pieces and documenting them in such an intimate way, Emily hopes to achieve a deeper understanding of why we wear jewels in the first place.

Whitby, North Yorkshire