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Irene & Edith

Hand built statement ceramics for the home.

Irene & Edith founder Nichola Naylon creates hand built statement ceramics for the home combining textured clays, luxurious glazes and glimmers of gold and copper lustre.

My creative practice and process is very slow and connected to the clay I am working with. I love to use textured, gritty clay to build with; it holds forms and structures well while hand building and offers a great contrast. I create small forms in the palms of my hands, simply by pinching and guiding the clay, adding fine detail with wooden tools or my fingers. Larger statement forms are coiled; long hand-rolled coils are slowly built up one at a time, blended and smoothed down to finish the structure.

I source the majority of my materials from Stoke, which is only an hour away. Supporting and maintaining this industry in our country means a lot to me. As a huge step towards a sustainable working practice and environment costs I’ve also had solar panels installed on my home, cutting the use of mains electricity for firing my kiln.”

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Warrington, Cheshire