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lot : e

Combining simplicity with comfort.

Founded in 2018 by Lottie Edgar, lot : e handcraft clothing and accessories that combine simplicity with comfort, curating small timeless collections from a mixture of organic, bio-washed and dead-stock materials.

My initial process begins as sketching ideas out. I find that I can develop more variations this way, and waste less materials. Learning is a constant, each new design I try to adapt a different technique, which I repeat until perfected. When I am creating a new collection I like to think of how it can be worn, applying adaptable elements, such as adding ties or being reversible. My garments are made-to-order, allowing me to make pieces that are tailored to specific measurements. Each style and variation is available in a small run, creating exclusivity and individuality to the wearer. I love making unique pieces for clients to wear on repeat and feel amazing in.”

York, North Yorkshire