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The Stitch Society

Sustainable artisan workwear.

The Stitch Society grew from a passion for textiles, the need for comfortable and durable workwear, and a desire to make in the heart of the textile industry’s heritage of West Yorkshire.

“I grew up sewing; my grandmother was a seamstress and taught me, so I made or adapted all my clothes from a young age. I love working with textiles and creating something amazing from a flat piece of cloth. I have always cut fabric getting the most from the piece, and never use pattern lays as I find them incredibly wasteful. I have always kept my “scrap”, as you never know when it will come in handy for a mending project. This has grown into a policy for sourcing our collaborations and is just part of what we do now. It used to be called “thrift”.

Shipley, West Yorkshire
01274 809300