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Table Chocolate

Liverpool's first bean-to-bar chocolate brand.

Table Chocolate are Liverpool’s first bean-to-bar chocolate brand, working in micro-batches to develop deep flavours and a rich smooth texture.

“We source ethically grown cacao beans from rural areas, where social enterprises have a big impact on the local community. The post harvesting process has been done with so much care and preciseness that we are obliged to meet those standards by doing a great roast, conching the correct amount of time and adding only the highest quality ingredients. This way you can taste the efforts made at origin in our end product.

The chocolate making process is quite complex and requires a lot of patience. We love tasting the outcome of the different steps in the process, from unroasted bean to tempered bar. At the moment, we are really enjoying experimenting with ageing. We have currently made big steps towards 12 month aged bars – and the outcome is incredible…”

Liverpool, Merseyside