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Wabi Living

Mindfully made in the North of England.

Wabi Living design and create beautiful minimalistic candles, fragrances, washes, lotions and home accessories for you to enjoy every day, with a focus on natural and sustainable materials. All their packaging is plastic free, biodegradable and reusable.​ 

The concept of Wabi-Sabi is an ancient aesthetic philosophy rooted in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It values tranquillity, harmony and the beauty of simplicity. It gently motions you to relax, slow down, step back from the hectic modern world and find enjoyment and gratitude in everything you do. Put simply, Wabi-Sabi gives you permission to be yourself and find beauty in every aspect of imperfect, impermanent and incomplete in nature. We have worked hard to integrate its philosophy into each of the products that we sell. 

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Darlington, Co. Durham